Fair and affordable short-term loans from £100 to £400

Welcome to Handiloan

Our small loans of between £100-£400 are simple, fair and affordable, helping you spread the cost of short-term borrowing over 1-3 months.

At just 42.6% APR, our interest rates are so much lower than the expensive payday lenders and other high cost alternatives that typically charge 1,509% APR. Apply online now and get your decision in minutes. You can then choose our same day payments service to get the money transferred into your bank account quickly.

See how much you can save with a handiloan

A typical example: A loan of £400 payable over 1 month will cost:

Costs £96 with typical payday loan lenders at 1,509% APR

Costs just £12 with handiloan at 42.6% APR

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Delivered by Leeds Credit Union

We are a not-for-profit co-operative that has been supporting its 37,000 members with ethical savings and loan services for the last 30 years, a Handiloan will not only save you money now but makes good sense for your financial future.