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Loan of £100 over 1 month(s)   £100.00
Total interest at 42.6% APR   £3.00
Same day payment facility:   £11.00
Total to pay   £114.00
Monthly repayment   £114.00
Total cost of our loan £14.00
Same loan from a typical payday lender (1,509% APR) £24.00
Our loan will save you £10.00

  Important - before you start:

  To qualify you must either:

  Live or Work in Leeds, Wakefield, Harrogate or Craven.
  Work for one of the following employers.
  Be a current resident of one of these housing associations.  

  And also:

  Be over 18 years old.
  Have a Valid UK bank account.
  Not previously declared bankrupt.
  Have a regular income of over £12,000 per annum.
  Agree to a credit check.

  Have to hand your:

  Your National Insurance number.
  3 years address history.(minimum)